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How you can increase more mass by increasing your bench press

Though you may not be a new one or beginner in a gym but we all know that out of all the lifts that like squats, pulls, presses or even dead lifts the most popular of all is the bench press. This technique has been used since centuries to produce more strength in upper body and give it a good shape. The best thing about bench press is that so many muscles are involved in this exercise and that is why it helps you to improve the growth of several muscles in your upper body. It can not only increase the strength and give a good shape to your upper muscles like biceps, triceps interior deltoids and shoulders but it also increases the lifting power and stamina in many different sports as well.

If you are willing to gain more mass and strength by using bench press technique then there is a process that you need to follow in order to achieve your desired results. This plan not only includes doing workouts in gym but you will have to pay attention to your diet and definitely training the whole body is very important factor init. By following a properly planned technique you can maximize the results and see the difference in a few weeks or months. Some of the basic elements of a successful bench press technique.

Bench Press

It has been observed that many beginner and even the experience people apply wrong technique when it comes to bench press. If you are not applying the right workout technique then how can you get results that you are looking for? It has to be kept in mind that a technique is more important as compared to number of sets and reps or how much weight you can lift. If you are lifting a solid weight and doing 3-4 sets in which you produce 10-15 reps but not getting the results that you are looking for then definitely you are applying a wrong technique. You must consult with a trainer to observe you and point out where you are going wrong.

Another mistake that many trainees make is to lift that much weight that they can’t handle on their own. It is very easy to understand that if you are lifting that much weight that you need support of your partner then after 5-6 reps you will put the entire load on your supporter. This technique will never give you your desired results and you may not find any good progress in yourself even after years of practice. So you see, technique is the most important thing that you have to learn. It doesn’t matter if you are lifting heavy weight but try to lift it on your own. If you can do 6 reps on your own then there is no need to go for the seventh one with a supporter’s help. In should try to reach that mark on your own. In this way you will definitely increase your strength and find a great change in your muscles as well. I remember my trainer telling me to do one more rep when I was not able to complete my last rep even. He used to say that,” The day you will produce that much strength in yourself to go for a rep when it feels like you can’ do anymore then you will deserve to become a bodybuilder”.