Antalya (Cirali) is spoiled by the sun and year-round mild temperatures prevail here. The excellent climate makes it possible to enjoy the sun during every season of the year.

The Taurus Mountains protect Antalya from the cold north wind, and thus justifies his typical Mediterranean climate with mild, wet winters and hot, dry summers. The sun is shining ten months in the year and in July and August the temperature arrives above 40C. The fresh sea breeze provides the necessary cooling. The mild climate makes Antalya a perfect holiday destination year-round.

Air & sea-water temperatures (year / average)
Month Average monthly temperature Average monthly sea-water temperature
January 16,5 C 17,6 C
February 16,6 C 17 C
March 18 C 16,5 C
April 20,5 C 18,5 C
May 24 C 20,5 C
June 29 C 24,5 C
July 32 C 28,5 C
August 33 C 29,5 C
September 30 C 27,5 C
October 27 C 25 C
November 22 C 21 C
December 18 C 18 C