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How to Incorporate Fine Jewelry Into Your Casual Wardrobe the Smart Way

When it comes to fashion, accessorizing is essential. Scarves, hats, jewelry—all of these items can make or break an outfit.

Accessorizing your outfit with jewelry can be fun and exciting, but it can also be stressful. What piece should you wear with what outfit? Should you wear more than one piece of jewelry at a time? Should your jewelry stand out or should it be subtle? The best way to answer these questions is to try a few different combinations to see what looks the best.

What about all of the fine jewelry you have? Can you only wear fine jewelry with formal outfits? Absolutely not. In fact, piecing a fine piece of jewelry with a casual outfit can create a great look, but you have to be careful when you do this, or your fine piece of jewelry can end up looking out of place.

Invoke the less is more principle.

If you want to wear fine jewelry with a casual outfit, stick to one or two pieces. If you wear anything more, your jewelry will take over the outfit, or you will simply look mismatched.

Wear a gorgeous necklace with a flowing v-neck shirt. This combination will enhance your neckline and make you appear taller. You could also wear a diamond tennis bracelet with shorts and a plain colored t-shirt. The sparkle from the diamonds will add flair to your outfit, and add a touch of elegance to a basic style.

Use fine jewelry as a pop of color.

Rubies, emeralds, and any other type of stone is a great way to add a pop of color to a blander wardrobe. Pair a vibrant stone with a casual outfit in basic colors (like black, white, gray or beige) or even with soft pastels. Doing this will create a beautiful contrast in your outfit, giving you that extra boost of style.

Diamonds and gold also add a great pop of color to basic colors. A diamond necklace, bracelet or earrings will stand out against blacks and beiges. Gold will counteract against a soft pastel or a white, adding a beautiful touch of elegance.

Stick to one material.

Do not mix your white gold with your yellow gold with your silver. This mismatched approach will look out of place, no matter what else you are wearing. If you are going to wear a bracelet and a necklace, make sure they are both made of the same material. Using the same color combination will create a flow from one piece to the next, and it will help pull your outfit together.

Piecing fine jewelry with casual wardrobes is a great way to enhance your look, but you need to make sure you’re doing it right. Using too much fine jewelry will just look awkward paired with jeans and a t-shirt, and mismatching the color of your pieces will make your style look messy. Sticking to a small number of pieces, using jewelry as pops of color and keeping your jewelry style consistent will make your fine jewelry become your most go-to accessories.