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Living the Chic London Life

History has taught us that it is natural for us, humans, to move from one place to another. This nomadic display is brought about by our constant need to thrive to survive and triumph over the many obstacles that life, in general, presents. Today, millions of people are currently residing in a location other than their original place of birth. Needless to say, this is primarily caused by their yearning for a better life. A popular destination of choice for such bold quest is London.

Many people perceive of London as a premier location for new opportunities. As a matter of fact, those that are mesmerized by the mix of its classic beauty and modern innovations see it as a city of great expectations. Like every major metropolis in the world, London is bustling with a plethora of diverse cultures. Living and working in an environment with such diversity promises an interesting and vibrant everyday life. However, it is no denying that it can also get immensely overwhelming in many different ways, especially to one’s budget. But does it really have to be so?

Get a Day Pass

When you set foot to a new place, the first thing you want to do is to “get lost and find your way”. Exploring a touristy city like London can be quite expensive, so the best way to go is to get the London Pass. The London Pass allows you entrance to up to 10 popular London attractions including the Tower of London, the London Bridge Experience and the London Tombs.

Plan Ahead

It may be easier than done, what with the hectic everyday schedule we all have in this fast-paced environment, but planning ahead really gets you a long way. Whether it is you are going out in the city for, it is always cheaper to book tickets ahead.


With a little bit of research, you will find that many famous London attractions are actually open to the public for free. Some of these attractions include museums such as the Victoria and Albert Museum, the British Museum and the Natural History Museum.

Go Eco-Friendly

Sometimes, the best way to explore a city that is so rich in history and culture is to forgo the car, tube and bus, and go on foot. If you find walking too strenuous, the Boris Bike system offers an equally environment-friendly, fun, healthy and free way to see the streets of London.

If you are moving to London and are worried about the city’s high cost of living, have no fear. There are plenty of ways to enjoy the chic London lifestyle without having to pay full price.