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South African Airways

South African Airways has become a very popular airline and tour operating service in the past few years. There are many tourist destinations and offers available to make your travel exciting.

South African Airways History

South African Airways has a very colorful and unique history. The inception of South African Airways was way back in the thirties, when Union Airways turned into South African Airways by the South African government. They were also the first ones to introduce the first multi engine aircraft Junkers Ju which was only to be used on domestic flights. There was also a brief period of suspension when the South African Airways served as a military wing from 1940 to 1944. After that commercial flights resumed once again and new concepts were developed – including the fact that now airhostesses would travel in the domestic flights.

There was also a new direct service route and in-flight cinema entertainment. It was in 1976 when South African Airways operated the world’s first commercial flight with a Boeing aircraft. In 1981, the three class service was introduced. Later in the nineties, South African Airways schedules increased in number and various new destinations were introduced like Egypt and Sudan. Now South African Airways is an award winning airline with a number of fabulous services and offers.

South African Airways Online

There is a major benefit of the South African Airways online website – it allows you to do everything from the comfort of your home or workplace. You can book flights online and also be eligible for more bargains, offers and discounts than it is possible to achieve when booking with a travel agent. They also have a newsletter which allows on a free subscription which allows you to stay up to date with current vacation offers and discount deal offers. Any flight specials according to South African Airways destinations (local and international) can come to your email every day.

Online booking will always get you more discounts than usual. There are also many cheap flights South African Airways offers to a variety of popular locations. In the off peak season these air fares can go even lower. You can also use the online check in option which allows you to save a lot of time on an airport check in routine. You can also use the website to find hotel accommodations and car rentals in a variety of locations all over the world and within South Africa.

South African Airways Voyager Program

For frequent flyers, there is the South African Airways voyager program which provides you with reward points on the completion of a trip which can be redeemed when you take another trip. The reward points can be used for miles or for upgrades to a better class travel. This way South African Airways rewards their loyal customers. South African Airways Voyager miles can also be redeemed for car rentals and health spas. To redeem a flight you need about 9500 miles, for health spas you need seven thousand miles and for car rentals you need six thousand miles. Voyager members also receive some exclusive offers and deals that are not available otherwise. Using the Voyager credit card can also make you earn reward miles sooner than usual.