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The Shag Rug Comeback

It’s funny how some styles make a comeback over and over again and grace our homes 20, 30, 50 or more years after they were last popular. Brighter colors are in again, along with other greats from the 60’s including the shag rug. Believe it or not, though, a variation of these rugs was made in ancient Greece, so the fact that they’re having a comeback now proves how enduring the style is. A shag rug is typically a rug with deep pile and as such it has that warm, comfy, deep feeling as well as a more “fluffy” look. They are made in a variety of shapes and colors, from classical white or light brown to loud and colorful, in both solid colors and patterns. Depending on the fabric, they come in different price ranges as well. If you’re thinking of investing in one or more The Shag Rug Comeback, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with their longevity and also look into how the individual piece you’re looking at will be cleaned.

Because of their long shag, some models can be quite a bit harder to clean, so knowing what you’re getting into is a good idea. Some are made to be washed in a washing machine, while others, such as leather, can only be dry cleaned. Polyester rugs tend to start to look a bit ragged sooner, so even though they might be cheaper initially, their life-span is less than if you were to invest in one made from wool, which is also easier to clean. Did you know you can even make your own shaggy rug? There are tutorials on line and it’s relatively easy and with a bit of patience and old t-shirts or cloth, meaning you get your own original rug, made custom just for you. This gives you the opportunity to be creative, have a fun hobby for a bit and get the exact color or colors you want. You can mix the colors up a bit to make it brighter if you want as well.

Regardless of if your home has more classic tones or you like bright and slightly zany, there is a shag rug for you out there. They keep your feet warm, giving you that comfy cozy feeling, as well as bring in their own style to any room.